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In short:

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In a bit more detail

My name is Márton Tóth, a Full Stack Designer. What that means is that I oversee and execute digital projects from their inception to their launch and beyond. I think, plan, design and build websites with your objectives in mind, keeping your goals and the interest of visitors in focus.

I built my first website at 14 years old and started doing commercial projects at 16. I got a degree for Web Assistant and won another at a national programming competition for finishing first for Web Master. After this I got employeed at a few agencies where I built and designed websites, held meetings with clients and executed marketing campaigns.  During my time at the agency I worked on both smaller scale projects and huge campaigns for international clients, including a swedish furniture company, a few national banks, a healthcare industry leading enterprise and so on…

After learning a lot about clients, projects, marketing and execution I’ve embarked on my own journey as a freelance entrepreneur in 2016.

So what do I do? I create websites that don’t chase short-living trends, but focusing on clear, eay-to-use and eye pleasing solutions that both make your brand stand out and the visitors engaged.

Frequent Questions

What types of businesses do you typically work with?

I have a diverse portfolio working with small to mid-sized businesses across various industries, always aiming to understand their unique needs and provide tailored solutions.

Creating user-friendly websites that align seamlessly with your business objectives is at the heart of my design philosophy.

Simplicity & Elegance

I champion minimalist designs that reduce clutter, focusing users’ attention where it matters most.

Intuitive Navigation

Users are guided naturally through the site, ensuring a smooth journey from landing to conversion.

Business-Driven Design

Every design choice is made with your business goals in mind, turning visitors into customers.

Feedback & Iteration

Incorporating client and user feedback is crucial, ensuring the site evolves to meet changing needs.

Responsive & Accessible

Your website will shine on any device, providing a seamless experience for every user.

Performance Optimization

Fast load times and smooth interactions keep users engaged and reduce bounce rates.

Clear Call-to-Actions

Users are never left wondering what to do next, with strategic CTAs guiding them through.

Regular Testing

Continuous testing ensures optimal performance, maintaining a user-friendly experience over time.

I blend these principles with over 20 years of experience, ensuring your website isn’t just seen—it’s felt and it converts

I specialize in WordPress, Elementor, and WooCommerce, which allows for rapid deployment, budget-friendly solutions, and user-friendly backends for my clients.

I begin with an initial consultation to understand your project and company, followed by a detailed proposal. 

If everything looks great, we’ll sign a contract detailing the project outlines and the responsibilities of both parties.  An upfront payment of 50% is required to begin the work.

We’ll begin with market research, outlining the project, planning user journeys and drawing wireframes. This foundational step is crucial for both the development of the project and the sustainability of your website in the long run. We can’t afford to just make guesses, we’ll work on this step to make sure that the project has the best chance of success.

After the planning stage is done, I’ll work on the visuals of your website. Often this phase also includes the texts so we’ll get a better understanding how your website will look and feel for first-time and returning visitors.

If everything is set and signed off on, the development begins on the agreed terms. I’ll provide a testing domain for the duration of development and we’ll only go live when you give a final sign-off on the project and the rest of the payment is settled.

If you require technical or content management after launch, I’ll oversee and maintain your website to make sure it looks and functions just as expected.

Yes, I offer website backup services, regular updates to WP core and plugins, maintenance, and an optional monthly or yearly update quota.

Abandoned webites are a sure way to losing clients. Ever went to a website that just didn’t work? Your website is the first point of touch with many of your clients, it’s important that it just works months after launch too.

To make sure your website always looks it’s best, it’s important to keep your website up-to-date and functioning. It’s also important to regularly update and check the website as a whole to avoid unwanted data loss, minimise the chance of hacking.

  • Backup and Restore: Post-launch, I provide website weekly, daily or even hourly backup services to a cloud storage, so if anything breaks, your website will be back up and running in 2 hours.
  • Uptime Monitoring: If something goes wrong and your website goes down, I’ll be the first to know. I’ll check, repair and restore your website as soon as possible to minimize downtime.
  • Regular Core and Component Updates: I’ll regularly check your WordPress installation along with all the components. If after an update something breaks, I’ll fix the issue at no extra cost.
  • Premium Plugins License – Check: The monthly fee covers the license fee for any premium plugins used, such as Elementor PRO, Advanced Custom Fields, WPML, etc. 
  • Content Update (optional): Running a business is hard as it is, so let me help you with your website. You tell me what you need, I’ll make sure it’s done in a timely manner to the highest standards. All packages come with optional monthly hours.

I’m specialized in designing custom, bespoke layouts for your business. Since every business has it’s own voice, the website should represent it as well. Templates offer a quick way to realise your website, but lack support and flexibility. If the quality of your website is secondary to budget, I’m not the right fit for you.

Yes, my pricing is tailored to each project, taking into consideration the unique requirements and scope of work involved. Generally speaking, for a simple landing page the fee starts at 500€, for smaller company websites with 4-5 pages starts at 1500€, for E-Commerce websites around 2000€. Need something bigger? Let’s talk. 

Every project is different, but generally the initial design fee includes one visual direction for the entire website, followed by two rounds of revisions to ensure that the final result aligns with your vision and expectations. Although it happens extremely rare, in case you’re not satisfied with the end result, we can keep working on it for additional revisional rounds until we get it right – or you can terminate the contract right away, with no additional fees.