Flott Invest

2021 With Laboratory Group


The things were all there, just nothing was right. 

That’s why Flott Invest reached out to Laboratory Group, to redesign their existing premium real estate listing website that not only works, but also lighting fast and easy to use. The basic layouts were done by Zsolt Ványi, my job was to finish it all off and create mobile layouts and prepare the source files for the development company.

The client were really happy with the results and so were we. Take a look!

Mobile second

It was an interesting challenge to create a mobile version based on finished desktop layouts, since the client wanted to differentiate both versions and provide a native like experience for handheld devices.

We worked closely with the client for the layouts and in the end, many changes were implemented in the desktop version that we came up with.

The result was an elegant, easy to use design that both featured listings for an exlusive target audience and included a magazine section that helped the SEO rankings for organic traffic.